Thursday, March 13, 2008

Street lights

So here is another (Abvent made) animation, featuring major new or innovative functions of Artlantis Studio :

- Thanks to the Automatic Light Adjustment, all this street's lightings will only need one setting, the lights are constantly on and we can go from day to night without a single change of this setting. The light intensities will adapt automatically.

- The 3D man can run (and never gets tired or caught !), but can also walk and do some other movements*, like the whole collection of 3D animated people soon to be released in 2 different CD's. You'll also be able to choose the colour of their clothes.

Find out more about all these features on this page (and click on the screenshots to watch video tutorials for each feature).

*actually these 3D People are able to run, walk, stand and wait, sit, and have a special attitude like in the Business collection (talk on the phone, be on a computer). Thanks Guillaume for these details ! Find out pretty soon with the release of 2 CD's !


maurop said...

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maurop said...

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