Friday, June 27, 2008

A very handy navigation

Athol from South African Autograph already mentioned it few weeks ago in his blog Photorealistically Speaking,
Artlantis is compatible with 3Dconnexion’s device SpaceNavigatorTM .
The last version of Artlantis now contains a driver of SpaceNavigatorTM. The 3D mouse allows a mix of all the navigation possibilities on various axes simultaneously, and thus it offers a greater freedom of 3D navigation.
SpaceNavigatorTM works with projects of any kind, exterior, interior and even while creating objects”, says Alain Picard, Artlantis product manager. “Moreover you can use it in the same time than the usual mouse by navigating with one hand and using the application’s tools with the other hand, which improves your productivity. It’s a very natural and efficient extension of the Artlantis interface”.

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