Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inspiring Artlantis success stories from Revit users

Hat tip to Athol Phillips of iRender for alerting us to a number of Revit and Artlantis success stories in South Africa. MEG Architects of Limpopo, South Africa has developed its experience and expertise in a variety of building categories, including medical, educational, offices, retail, civic, religious, industrial and residential (high and medium density as well as luxury dwellings). "Design models are generated in Revit and subsequently transferred to Artlantis for rendering, quicker than a client can blink an eye. There is realism of the scheme, finely illustrated," Sydney Lefifi says.

John Langenhoven, an Associate at Impendulo Design Architects in Johannesburg, relied heavily on Artlantis Studio when designing the new, 24,000 sqm campus-style office complex for International Auditors, KPMG in Johannesburg. "The interoperability between Artlantis Studio and Revit enables our design team to venture beyond our wildest creative dreams. This process is facilitated by the simple, yet effective Revit to Artlantis Plug-in, which includes support for the Autodesk 2010 product line," Langenhoven said.

Dale Steele of Entity Architects in Johannesburg says, "The ability to easily and quickly take a 3D model from Revit into Artlantis is invaluable to our practice. What would otherwise have taken days, in hours we can now produce an image capable of not only visualizing our objectives, but surpassing our clients expectations." He goes on to say, "Artlantis has served an integral part in the process of creating architecture within our practice. The software has become a vital tool for expressing and presenting our design ideas to our clients. It allows us to convey our intentions and the three dimensionality of a design, as well as the role of light, materials and the impact of these on certain spaces."

We hope that other Revit users will be inspired by these committed Artlantis fans in South Africa.

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