Saturday, March 27, 2010

Artlantis User Group Forum launches Post-IT Group

The Artlantis User Group Forum has announced the launch of the Post-IT Group, which was created to facilitate the exchange of Postcards between Artlantis Members.

The use of Postcards in Artlantis is an extremely powerful function, which if used correctly, will not only save you hours of render preparation time, but also take your rendering skills to the next level.

In the spirit of what the AUGF is trying to achieve with this specific Group, you are encouraged to download the available content on a "you take some, you donate some" basis.

Please note that Membership to this new Group is FREE and by invitation only, so please apply for your Membership by visiting the new Post-IT Group.

The goal of the new Post-IT Group is to serve as a mechanism to dramatically increase users skill levels in working with Artlantis.

Please read carefully the "Guidelines for uploading Postcards" as detailed in this Group, to ensure that Members create a "user friendly" Post-IT Library.

Who's first?

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