Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meet Mathew Jones, Rendering Artist

Artlantis users may be interested in reading this interview with Mathew Jones, a rendering artist and 30 year veteran of the construction industry.

"Building high-end residences, my clients often asked for multiple material samples and mock-ups. In 2001, I discovered Artlantis and found an opportunity to create virtual mock-ups rapidly and streamline the approval process. The advantage of Artlantis’ speed and ease of use cannot be understated in this effort. Traditionally lots of material gathering and multiple mock-ups are followed by several design meetings on site. With Artlantis, the process changed to lots of digital photos and e-mails followed by one or two mock-ups and usually just one on-site meeting."

After 30 years of managing and designing in the field, Mathew hopes to now turn his knowledge and experience to the creation of unique and versatile media for Artlantis. With his new venture, Toolbox Textures, Mathew hopes to capitalize on his ability to meet the needs and wishes of his clients.

In Europe, visit ArtlantisObjects for more information about Mathew's flagship product, Tile Setter Pro. In the US, please visit ObjectsOnline.

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