Monday, February 14, 2011

ArchiCAD Best Practices Course

Discover the seven key principles to using ArchiCAD effectively in this free video training series by respected author and expert Eric Bobrow. Limited time offer.

This preview of the upcoming Best Practices Course, an online training resource for ArchiCAD users, will teach you how to:

• Get Organized in the Right Ways
• Save Time by Reusing Your Setup and Settings
• Start Fast and Clean and Add More Detail As You Go
• Create Great-looking Drawings Directly from Your 3D Model
• Keep Your Work Safe with An Easy Backup Strategy

BONUS: 3 additional free videos - including one quick tip that saved a designer two hours tedious work on a recent project! Opt-in to Eric Bobrow’s mail list required, but no charge or obligation.

Instant access to FREE training videos!

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