Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Artlantis 3.0.6 update is now available!

The Artlantis 3.0.6 update is now available!

Abvent has launched Artlantis 3.0.6. This version update includes the following fixes:

Artlantis 3 32-bit version:

  • 3D plants did not cast self-shadows.
  • Project locations lost reference to the absolute origin.
  • The Clipping Box sometimes generated radiosity artifacts in the cut planes.
  • Letters with foreign accents could cause problems when saving postcards, or when working with textures.

Artlantis 3 64-bit alpha version:

  • The 64-bit version did not recognize Chinese characters.
  • Renamed views were not updated by the Batch Renderer.

The Artlantis 3.0.6 update version is available for downloading at www.artlantis.com.

All Artlantis 3 users are entitled to download both the Artlantis 32-bit and 64-bit update versions free of charge. An automatic message will inform users about this new 3.0.6 update when they open Artlantis.

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