Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ArchiCAD 15 Hotfix 1 enables BIMx trial; fixes Artlantis export issue

GRAPHISOFT BIMx has been part of the standard installation of ArchiCAD 15. All ArchiCAD 15 users are entitled to create and use BIMx files on the computer their ArchiCAD 15 is installed. To share BIMx models with other computers, a full BIMx license is needed. Between September 20 and October 31, all BIMx installations are enabled to save and share full BIMx files that can be viewed on any computer device without limitation. Hotfix 1 enables the full save/share functionality of your BIMx installation for the TRIAL period.

This update also fixes known export errors from ArchiCAD 15 to Artlantis 2 and 3. When opening the files exported from ArchiCAD, customers had reported receiving an error in Artlantis stating that "the file cannot be loaded." The new Hotfix build 3267 contains the following, important fixes of the Artlantis export plug-in:
  • When exporting a project in .atl format on a server, the .atl file couldn't be read.
  • When one of the texture options: "Wall", "Roof", "Slab", or "Others" was unchecked, none of the textures were exported.
  • In the Russian, Japanese, Greek and Hungarian ArchiCAD versions, the export dialog was truncated.
  • Artlantis 3 exporter: when exporting the light cone, the geometry of the cone appeared to deteriorate in Artlantis.
  • In certain cases, using the Reference File caused a displacement of the Artlantis objects.
  • The Hungarian language is now integrated.
This Hotfix can be accessed only from inside of ArchiCAD either by following the instructions of an automatic message, or by opening the Help menu and choosing the "Check for Updates..." command.

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