Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Abvent announces iVisit 3D Lite for iPad and iPhone!

Abvent has announced iVisit 3D Lite for the iPad and iPhone, an easy-to-use presentation tool designed for architects and designers. iVisit 3D Lite allows users to view and share panorama renderings on an iPad or iPhone.

Visit iVisit 3D today to view the current sample of realistic panoramas.

Click here to watch the iVisit 3D iPad demo!


Iceman #1 said...

When are the tutorials going to start popping up so we can learn how to use it properly like in the demo?

Artlantis said...

Iceman #1:

Thanks for your interest. We will be making an announcement about Artlantis later today, with more information about iVisit 3D as well.

Thanks for your patience!