Monday, October 24, 2011

GRAPHISOFT BIMx vs. Artlantis iVisit 3D

Artlantis/ArchiCAD beta tester Karl Ottenstein has weighed in on both GRAPHISOFT's BIMx and iVisit 3D by Abvent. Here are a few gems from his latest post...

"You can make an iVisit pano much more lush and realistic than any BIMx model, because of the power of Artlantis."

"...Artlantis does so much more in terms of powerful shaders, entourage, fixing surface material glitches, illumination, etc etc - and Studio can produce not only images, but animations, VR objects and panos."

"Coolness factor: personal taste! Personally, I find iVisit 3D on an iPhone 4 or faster or an iPad 2 to be totally cool. Manually navigating a beautifully rendered panorama is nice, but turning on gyroscopic mode and making your IOS device a dynamic window into a virtual world is way cool IMHO."

The bottom line? "Different tools, different presentation capabilities. Ideally, get both."

Click here to read the full post.

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