Thursday, February 02, 2012

Creating iVisit 3D panoramas in Flash format

Here at Abvent, one of the nicest things about our job is the overwhelmingly positive feedback we get from Artlantis users around the world. Some of our users so often go above and beyond a simple 'Hey, I love Artlantis!' when letting us know what they think about this amazing software.

Take, for example, 'CemTech', one of our Facebook Page fans. This user, based in Malaysia, took it upon himself to create a Facebook page explaining to other users how to create an iVisit 3D panorama in Flash format. By doing so, he helps hundreds, if not thousands of other users take the first steps in creating an iVisit 3D panorama from an Artlantis 4 file. There are many, many users like CemTech, who create their own visual aids to help others become better acquainted with Artlantis.

Please share your tutorials with us so that we can, in turn, share them with the wider audience of Artlantis users around the world. The easiest way to do this is to join our Facebook page:

We look forward to hearing from YOU soon!

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