Wednesday, July 04, 2012

We the People Promo...A Popular Uprising

The popular uprising has begun. The people have taken to the streets, and they're on sale! No, this is not some vulgar red light district sale. This is a red, white and blue special. From July 4 through August 15, you can take home one or more selected collections of Artlantis Animated 3D People for a great price.

In order to keep the peace, we are pleased to offer you a savings of $17.76 on each of the selected Artlantis Animated 3D People volumes. Since no tea party is complete without cream and sugar, we're sweetening the deal by offering an additional 5% discount if you purchase all 3 collections in one order.

We the People Product Pricing and Ordering

Preview Animated 3D People Business 1

Preview Animated 3D People Casual 6

Preview Animated 3D People Workers 1

The coupon code for this promo is: people+5%


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