Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Render[in] for SketchUp, powered by Artlantis

Render[in] 2
Render[in] for SketchUp is a powerful, fully-integrated rendering engine developed for SketchUp. Powered by Artlantis, Render[in] offers real-time preview for 'what you see is what you get' results, gives you even more texture settings to choose from, provides additional environment settings, and helps you create and change the lighting in your rendered scenes easily and quickly.

iVisit 3D Panoramas
The latest version of Render[in] for SketchUp allows you to create iVisit 3D panoramas, previously available only to Artlantis Studio 4 users.  Create a true, virtual tour inside your project with multi-node panoramas. Everything needed for viewing panoramas on your website is automatically created by Render[in]. The free player is based on Flash™ technology and is compatible with Macintosh, Windows, Linux and even Andro├»d operating systems. For iPhone and iPad users, a special application allows you to view and share your panoramas on these handheld devices. The iVisit 3D App is available in two versions (Lite and Pro) from the App Store. iVisit 3D Lite is free, but is limited to one viewing per day.

Whether you're new to Render[in] or a current user, check out the new video to learn more about this powerful 3D rendering tool, designed especially for SketchUp users!

Visit for your free, 30-day demo version of Render[in] for SketchUp.

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