Monday, February 25, 2013

Introducing BIMobject Private Cloud technology

With the product portal continuing to serve as the central cloud solution, the possibility to build synchronized replicas of the product cloud are now infinite. With the release of the new technology, BIMobject is moving its affiliate program to the new solution and now calling it Private Clouds.

With the new BIMobject® Private Cloud technology, there will be two solutions immediately available. This will be in the form of web services that can be setup by an administrator and later maintained by the building product manufacturer or, for instance, a construction company.

This means that a building product manufacturer present on the cloud can publish and brand their own product catalog based on the BIMobject® cloud technology with the same functionality of the main cloud.

With BIMobject's new Private Cloud technology, this also means that a web-based on-line product catalog will be very simple to maintain and keep in complete sync with the main cloud. Any changes made on the cloud will also be made on all of the private clouds. All functions -- BIMail, BIManalytics, and BIMobject® apps -- are also compatible with the Private Clouds.

Watch the video below to learn more about BIMobject Private Cloud technology!

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