Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bombastik Attitude releases designer furniture as BIM objects

Bombastik Attitude has a wide range of exclusive and functional designer furniture and public furniture for conference facilities, offices, and all public places.

The BIM objects of the Bombastik Attitude range are available for ArchiCAD and AutoCAD. Please follow the link below to see the products on the BIMobject® portal:

 Bombastik Attitude

”We are very happy to be able to help Bombastik Attitude publish and market their products to a wide audience. The collaboration with BIMobject® gives them a fantastic opportunity to place their furniture on every architect and interior designers desktop,” said Ben O’Donnell, CTO of BIMobject AB.


Foxxya said...

Hi, I am interested to the compatibility of Artlantis with Unity3D, and the possibility to make LightMapping with the program (scenes baking or render to texture).
Artlantis can make this?
More other program make this: 3dsmax (but need vray to have good rendering), Maya (but need mental ray to have good rendering) and blender (but need 1 month training for the crazy GUI)

(i am registered on the website, but i cant access forum)

Artlantis said...

In Artlantis there is no baking yet. However, the radiosity is built in. It calculates real reflections, not just faking them. And, Artlantis is very easy to learn.

Thank you for your interest!

Foxxya said...

I have try Artlantis more years ago (believe version 2), and i have see the merits of the programs: in particular the fast texturing of a scene with good radiosity and occlusion result + good library object.

I hope lightmapping function from Artlantis (real time calculation) to Unity (dynamic-static shadows techniques with lightmapping).
I believe that this allos the use of Artlantis not only for architectural rendering, but also for the game scenery.

See you

Artlantis said...

Thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated!