Friday, June 14, 2013

A message from Artlantis Render Farm

Uploading to Artlantis Render Farm is now easier and faster than ever!

Visit our private and direct web transfer channel, where all you have to do is identify your task ID# and your username.

Fast and Easy!!!
Don't have an account yet?  Open one right now and see why Artlantis Render Farm is the best choice for your professional Artlantis rendering needs!

Artlantis Render Farm is the only render farm in the world specifically dedicated to Artlantis users. We offer render calculation power to Artlantis users around the world. If you want to produce still images or complex, high-definition animations, you can trust our powerful machines and professional team to get your job done quickly and safely.

Artlantis Render Farm offers the Artlantis user community more than 300 CPU’s to render animations and still images.  Regardless of which version you use (Artlantis Render or Artlantis Studio, 32 or 64 bits) you can trust our render power to get your job done with the high quality settings you always wanted to use, but couldn’t because of long render times.

All you have to do is submit a project in the log-in area, fill out the task folder, and upload your archive.atl file -- our machines do the rest! After the calculation is ready, you’ll receive a download link to extract your animations and/or still images. It’s easy!

Open an account TODAY!  You must first register to use Artlantis Render Farm!

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