Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Artlantis 5 will feature volumetric lighting

Abvent has revealed what's behind the letter 'V' in R E V O L U T I O N -- the Artlantis 5 revolution, that is...

If you've ever wanted to put your renderings in the spotlight, this feature will definitely appeal to you: volumetric lighting. That's right. In Artlantis 5, the lights and sun can cast warm, glowing rays into your scene, just like they do in real life. Perfect for so many uses, from bright, inviting exterior renderings to dramatically lit interior renderings of churches, night clubs, theaters, etc.

Check it out:

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Also, a reminder that Abvent has announced free upgrades to Artlantis 5 on all Artlantis 4 licenses purchased after July 1, 2013!  This offer includes Artlantis 4 first and additional full licenses as well as upgrades.  New customers and long-time Artlantis users alike will benefit from this extraordinary offer!

Contact your local Artlantis distributor for details on how to join the Artlantis 5 revolution when you purchase Artlantis 4 today!

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