Thursday, September 19, 2013

Artlantis update for Windows users

Abvent has announced an Artlantis update for Windows:
  • Corrects OpenGL changes: freezing preview on Windows platform and slowness on certain computers equipped with nVidia graphic cards
  • Encoding of the visible User Names in the Russian version
  • The Help on Windows was pointing to the Help on Mac
  • Corrects the fragmented text on the Russian Batch Rendering interface
  • Corrects the inability to download an atlp from the Media Store
  • Addition of links to the iVisit 3D Builder and Implode Explode help
  • Newly added textures weren't placed at the same location of the mouse click
  • The addition of a new postcard multiplied the Postcard folder
  • When duplicating an existing light, the power and the angle of the new light was different

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