Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Artlantis User Group Forum

AUTOGRAPH DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES invites you to join the ARTLANTIS USER GROUP FORUM where you can learn all about the Best Kept Artlantis Secrets.

The benefits of Registering as a GOLD MEMBER include access to:

  • The RENDER and VIDEO Gallery of Images and Animations by Local & International Users.(Currently 326 Members)
  • Create your own PROFILE PAGE to advertise your expertise and communicate with other Users.
  • Participate in FORUM discussions and learn the short cuts, tips and tricks.
  • Receive regular ARTLANTIS QUICK TIPS via e-Mail.
  • Participate in the CHAT ROOM with other Users and find quick solutions to your questions.

The benefits of Registering as a PLATINUM MEMBER include access to:

  • The AVIS 2 (Artlantis Video Instruction Series) Tutorials. There are currently 28 x Video Tutorials available.
  • The MEDIA EXCHANGE to swap "self developed" Artlantis Objects & Shaders with other Platinum Members.
  • The AUTOSHADER module streamlining the process between SketchUp and Artlantis.
  • The RESOURCES section to advertise your Artlantis skills, or locate other skilled Artlantis Users.

Visit today to Register.

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