Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Artlantis Video Tutorials

Joe Cockroft of Professional CAD Systems in New Zealand has alerted us to these excellent Artlantis video tutorials. Numbers 10, 36, and 39 are free to view as examples.

A syllabus of the currently available video tutorials can be viewed here!

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J. said... offers the new Tutorials by Joseph Cockroft on DVD.
The DVD can be purchased in the webshop. New to this is that you not only buy the 40 great tutorials for Artlantis 2 but that you also will get access to the new tutorials Joseph is currenly preparing for Artlantis 3.
The new tutorials will be released when Abvent releases Artlantis 3.

So be ahead of your components and learn all there is to learn about Artlantis 3 when it arrives immediately by purchasing this DVD.