Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New ArchiCAD and SketchUp plug-ins available on Artlantis

These new export plug-ins are now available to download here:

SketchUp 7.x to Artlantis 2.0 Mac Win
SketchUp 7.x to Artlantis 3.0 Mac Win
ArchiCAD 12 to Artlantis 3.0 Mac Win
ArchiCAD 13 to Artlantis 3.0 Mac Win 32 Win 64



DL said...

It seems like the (PC) Archicad 13 32bit export to ATL does not export the perspective cameras from ArchiCAD. Is this a bug? Can someone confirm?

DL said...

Hi, the Archicad 13 32bit PC export to ATL does not export cameras.

Julianna Gulden said...

DL -- You are right in that the points of view are missing from the AC13 to ATL3 export. The AC13 to ATL2 export works well.

We are working on a solution for this issue for both Mac and PC.

Thank you for your interest in Artlantis. -- Julie Gulden on behalf of Abvent/Artlantis

Charles Roring said...

Yes, Archicad is a great BIM software. I am learning it right now and have written some posts about it at my blog
Archicad and Home Design

Artlantis said...

Thanks for your feedback!

Johan said...

Julianna Gulden: Any solution for the camera issue?

Artlantis said...

Hello, Johan -- The camera issue will be fixed in the add-on updates.
These updates are going to be finalized fairly soon. When validated, we'll make sure to make an announcement on the blog. Thanks for your continued interest and patience. -- Julie Gulden