Sunday, November 01, 2009

Getting the most out of the Artlantis User Group Forum

Whether you are a "New Member" or an "Old Member," you are invited to carefully study the contents of this latest Blog Posting, namely "Getting the best value out of the Artlantis User Group Forum," which can be located here.

The post will not only teach you how to effectively "Navigate" the information rich website, but also offers useful guidance on how to build relationships with fellow Members, all of whom share the same passion, namely to create the best possible quality Renders and Animations in Artlantis.

The post incorporates detailed instructions on the following subject matter:

a) Uploading Artlantis Renders and Animations for viewing in the GALLERY, and how to track comments on your work;

b) Uploading and Downloading Free Objects and Shaders from the MEDIA EXCHANGE Group;

c) Inviting and Searching for colleagues, and building relationships with other Artlantis Gurus;

d) The importance of setting up your PROFILE PAGE correctly;

e) Having your say on the VOX BOX - i.e. What would you like to see in the next release of Artlantis?

f) Getting the most from the FORUM, and finding quick answers to your questions;

g) Viewing the Artlantis User Group Forum website in your preferred LANGUAGE;

h) What makes for a good, well-balanced Rendered Image, and what should one avoid at all cost?

Visit the Artlantis User Group Forum at

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