Friday, August 16, 2013

Artlantis 5 sneak peek: Media Store

What's behind the 'T' in the Artlantis 5  R E V O L U T I O N  is nothing short of  T E R R I F I C!  Here's a sneak peek of the new Artlantis Media Store, coming soon:

Artlantis 5 offers an In-App Store, offering more than 5,000 shaders, objects, and billboards for sale.  To access these and enrich your renderings, just create an account, purchase credits, and download your Media.  Your purchased Media will be downloaded into the proper catalog under the correct categories and sub-categories.  All you have to do is use them!  Also, there are plenty of Media available free of charge, so check those out, too!

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Don't forget!  Abvent has announced free upgrades to Artlantis 5 on ALL Artlantis 4 licenses purchased on or after July 1, 2013! This offer includes Artlantis 4 first and additional full licenses as well as upgrades. Why wait?  Buy now!  Contact your local Artlantis distributor for details! 

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