Thursday, August 08, 2013

Artlantis 5 sneak peek: Natural shaders

Take a look at what's behind the 'U' on the Artlantis 5 R E V O L U T I O N teaser site -- it's nothing short of Unbelievable!  U won't believe it!  Natural shaders!  These shaders are generated from two different textures.  Now you can create realistic environments without repetition.

In most 3D rendering software, creating a decent-looking textured ground surface can be a big challenge. It can be difficult to locate or create a suitable texture map large enough to not show obvious repeats, while at the same time detailed enough to provide a convincing representation of ground materials without adding a huge performance hit. Artlantis 5's new Natural Shaders offer a set of highly configurable earth, grass, and water shaders that organically combine two quality textures into a highly configurable, randomized, non-repeating ground material. This results in a dramatically improved, more natural-looking ground surface without adding any significant overhead to the rendering calculations.

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